Podcast format for guests

Podcast Overview

Works In Process is a series of conversations with creative individuals that explore the evolution and technique behind their latest projects— highlighting, exploring and possibly demystifying the creative process. The goal of the WiP podcast is to share your story and allow our listeners to align with your struggles and learn from your techniques and success.

Target Audience, Length, & Format

Our primary target audience ranges from students to emerging designers, as well as other in the creative industry. As this is a bi-weekly release podcast, our target length for the interview is 40-50 minutes. We want to share your in-depth experience and bring value to our listeners by showcasing the ways one can arrive at successful work, through process and hard work.

Topics & Questions

I want to dig into the projects that you are willing to discuss and find out the methodology and impetus for them. The podcast has four main sections, and these topics and questions form the skeleton of the interview - we’ll flesh them out during our conversation together.

  • Icebreakers Questions (Something to get us comfortable talking before the main interview)
  • What is your Origin Story?
    • A synopsis of the type of creative you have become. Your schooling? Places of work? How have they influenced you? Who / what influenced you? When did you realize you were this type of creative?
  • Your Project (What is the main project / idea that we are focusing this interview on today?)
    • What led you to this project? Was this an easy path? When approaching a project like this what is your thought process? How do you prepare, what are the steps?
    • Explore how you ACTUALLY work?
    • What tools / resources do you use? What can’t you live without?
  • Closing Questions
    • What advice would you give to others? How do you approach working differently from when you became as a creative up until now?
    • What does the future hold you as a creative? What are your plans? What can we expect from you and where do you want to be in 5 years. And how will your process evolve?

Our conversation will evolve during the interview, so some of these questions I will be asking, but they may change based on the flow and style of the conversation. I will also ask follow-up questions, so don’t worry about answering questions in exhaustive detail on the first attempt - it’s our job as hosts to make it an easy conversation for you and follow up on the most